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Posted on: 
May 27, 2022

Are you tired of swimming against the stream alone? Are you numb from being just a number in a big corp’? Do you want to have an impact and your work to be acknowledged and useful? Then search no further, Shippr might be the right place for you - and you, the right fit for this role.

How will you contribute to the company as a Support Manager?

You’ll oversee daily activities regarding Shippr’s operations in Brussels and Paris. Your job will be to ensure that everything is running smoothly, overseeing customer service and implementing technology solutions. You should be a responsible leader with an analytical and strategic mind and have a broad knowledge of the same-day delivery business.

You’ll manage a team of 7 (and soon-to-be around 15) customer support and ensure the smooth and efficient daily operations of the company, regarding deliveries and our relation with customers and partners alike.

What will be your responsibilities ?

  • Mentor and motivates teams to achieve productivity, engagement and a high-quality customer and partner’s service
  • You’ll be an active member of the team, meaning that you’ll “get your hands dirty”, don’t approach this job as an only strategic role
  • Evaluate risks and lead quality assurance efforts regarding your department
  • Report on operational performance and suggest improvement
  • Coordinate customer service operations in Brussels and Paris and find ways to ensure customers and partners retention
  • Implement (or tweak existing) efficient processes and quality standards
  • Help our COO design policies that align with our overall strategy
  • Manage ongoing and future missions
  • Put bluntly, you’ll be tasked to get things done under pressure

What are our requirements ?

  • 3-5 years of proven experience in operations, supply chain or high-level customer support
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Knowledge of data analytics and reporting
  • Analytical mind with a strong business acumen
  • Stress resistant, team player and organized are almost mandatory skills
  • Professional written and interpersonal skills when communicating
  • Excellent organizational and leadership ability
  • Should be fluent in English and French, must be based in Brussels, Belgium

What can you expect from your life at Shippr ?

What can you expect from your life at Shippr ?

Within one month

The first month is dedicated to an intensive training period to immerse yourself in our daily life, understand our functioning and processes in order to be able to ride autonomously as soon as possible. You will follow our COO and the whole team for shadowing and role-playing sessions. You will also discover our different products and get familiar with them.

Within 3 months

Once you are comfortable with our operation and our platforms, you will be able to manage daily situations by yourself, which you will do for 3 months in order to visualize our problems and to immerse yourself in our processes. This period will be essentially based on a "field learning".

Within 6 months

After 6 months, you will have all the necessary skills to independently manage the operational team and take your place as "supervisor". Your role will be to ensure the smooth running of our daily operations, the implementation of new missions and the constant improvement of our quality. You will work closely with our COO for strategic implementations and follow-up of our KPIs, but you will manage the operator teams independently.


With the team growing fast, you’ll have multiple opportunities to

  • Help recruit, mentor and potentially manage other people
  • Increase your responsibilities in your own area of expertise with our continuous learning path
  • Upgrade our processes, discover new tools and stay up to date with the job’s best practices to make sure everything continues to run smoothly

About Us

We are a fast-growth digital company specialized in B2B logistics, currently based in Brussels, Paris and soon across Europe. Today, we are helping thousands of European customers in different sectors to achieve a better logistical experience. We act as job providers for our partners by consistently developing new and better solutions for our app and online dashboard.

Since 2017 and our humble beginnings, we have applied our lean methodology to everything we could, which in turn allowed us to :

  • Help about 1300 customers to ease their logistics through our digital products
  • Make ourselves known as the go-to service for same-day delivery in Belgium and France
  • Grow from 5 cofounders to 32 colleagues (it will drastically go up when we finish our current fund-raising tour) and 1000+ partners.
  • Evolve from an Excel sheet to a fully fledged customer and operational dashboard and an app for our partners on the road. We built it feedback after feedback to best fit the market need without bloating it.

Our vision, mission and everything we stand for

Our mission is to lead logistics transformation by developing an effortless way to connect professionals to our reliable services, so that companies can focus on their core business.

We are passionate about creating the best technology that enables smart same-day delivery services at scale. We build out and operate the largest network of local logistics professionals that provides companies with the most exhaustive and qualitative shipping solutions.

We believe in smart technology that empowers people to run frictionless, efficient and reliable operations to sustainably solve professional challenges at scale.

We also strive to get our BCorp certification whilst working on two very important pillars :

  • Environmental impact : reducing the ecological footprint of logistics by working our way through an ambitious sustainability plan.
  • Social impact : developing prosperous working conditions for all Shippr stakeholders, would they be our customers, our partners or our employees.

We deeply believe in our values. It is by following them to the letter that we achieved what we’ve done so far and will help us get to our goals.

What we expect of you :

  • Be bold and think big

Be bold ! Don’t hesitate and don’t be fearful of your ideas.

  • Step by step, ferociously

We firmly believe that the only way forward is to take a lean approach and have a ferocious mindset. That’s how you bring your ideas to life.

  • Look ahead and never settle

There is always something to optimize or to improve. Do not be afraid of changes.

  • Be open, honest and transparent

The reason we’re trusted by our clients, employees and partners is that we tell the truth and are transparent about our mistakes and our achievements. We expect no less from you as well.

What do we do to make your life nice and comfy while working?

  • We provide great healthcare cover (Alan Wombat) to take care of yourself and your family (hospitalization, dental care, eye care, ...)
  • You’ll have a meal-vouchers card (Monizze) to eat what you please
  • You’ll be able to work in our office in Brussels or Paris or simply from home as we’re pretty flexible on this as well
  • You’ll get unlimited paid holidays as we believe that to be at 100% at work, you’ll need to have a good work-life balance
  • We’ll provide you with an Apple Macbook that you’ll be able to use for work and personal stuff
  • You’ll be part of our company culture where we like to have a drink on Thursdays from 16h30, or participate in our team buildings and hackathons
  • A no-bullshit atmosphere. We don’t like to act like politics, the goal is to keep up as a team, not as individuals.

What is the recruitment process like ?

  • You’ll first have a screening chat with our Head of HR (1h max)
  • You’ll then pass a Hard-skills test (written) and have an interview with our COO (2h max)
  • Finally, you’ll have a discussion with our CEO to check if Shippr might be a good fit for you and if you’ll be a good fit for us (1h max).

We strive to be efficient here, if you pass the 3 steps you’ll hear from us in one or two work days.

We do encourage diversity in all its forms and manners, Shippr is doing it’s best to ensure we have an inclusive, truthful and caring work environment. We commit every day to give the same odds to all of our candidates, regardless of their age, sex, origins or religious beliefs.

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